Ruth Devlin


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Ruth Devlin's career in the health and wellbeing sector started over 30 years ago as a registered nurse, training in Edinburgh. She is also a reflexologist and has training in Cognitive Behaviour therapy.

Ruth is passionate about taking a holistic approach to health and wellbeing which is reflected during talks or when giving treatments as a reflexologist. 

She founded Let’s Talk Menopause in 2012 and has worked with multiple organisations across all sectors providing informative talks and training. 

 She is the author of a book entitled Men…Let’s Talk Menopause - a no-nonsense guide to what is going on and is packed with useful information for anyone trying to help and support someone going through this transitional period. Ruth regularly contributes on a variety of platforms, including radio & various podcasts. 

Ruth’s main focus is on Women’s Health and the Menopause but increasingly covers other topics within the workplace and the community in more detail such as lifestyle choices, nutrition, sleep management, stress management and the advantages of taking a holistic approach to health. 

Ruth is a member of the British Menopause Society and The Association of Reflexologists. She is also a Scottish Union Learning Trainer.

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