The benefits of becoming a talkhealth or TH+ member

Whether you saw us on social media, Googled something that brought you to one of our articles or you're here because you've heard about our support programmes, welcome

While we love having visitors, however, there's so much more to get out of talkhealth if you become a member. We're not just a website, we're an online community of like-minded people, dedicated to improving our health and well-being. 

Need more convincing?

5 reasons to join as a talkhealth member today:

1. It's free!

We have two kinds of membership: the talkhealth basic is free and includes access to our support programmes and certain articles. If you want more expert support, exclusive events, online meet-ups and incredible offers, then the 12 monthTH+ is the membership for you (scroll down to find out more). 

2. Early notification of online expert clinics

We run regular online expert clinics with the very best medics and healthcare professionals sitting on our panels. The clinics are open for all members and our panel will answer any questions that you submit. Notifications of up-coming clinics are mainly found in the events announcements that we send to members. 

3. Interesting newsletters

Every month, members receive a newsletter that includes a profile interview, news of upcoming clinics and more. But you have to be a TH+ member to receive an additional, exclusive newsletter packed with articles, events and special offer codes.

4. Forum membership

Want to chat with like-minded individuals who are living with the same health concerns as you? Become a member and get involved in one of our forums. We have community pages for each of our 15 health hubs.

5. Free subscription to all support programmes

We currently have 12 live support programmes, ranging from Psoriasis to Multiple Sclerosis. All are written in conjunction with medical professionals and charities and have been PIF-approved. That means that you can rest assured that all information has been rigorously researched and checked.

Ready to take the plunge? Become a member today.

14 reasons to upgrade to TH+ today

1. Expert webinars

From now on, our expert webinars are going to be exclusive to TH+ members. We’ve got an exciting diary of talks coming up with a host of brilliant experts including hair loss expert Dr Sharon Wong and reflux specialist and consulting medical herbalist Anita Ralph. Check out our events page to see what we have coming up.

2. Resident dietician

We know that having simple, actionable and effective nutritional advice is really important to you so we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve now got a resident consultant dietician on board. Sophie Medlin is the Chair for the British Dietetic Association for London and she has expertise in gastrointestinal and colorectal health - making her the absolutely best person to provide all sorts of food advice and tips.

3. TH+ surveys

We want to make sure that our TH+ members play an integral role in how talkhealth operates, which is why we’ll be launching an exclusive survey. We’ll be looking to find out what you like, what you don’t enjoy and how your membership could be improved. This is your platform - we’re just here to make sure you get what you want!

4. Exclusive vouchers

Get money off beauty brands, supplements and more with our exclusive vouchers. We’ve teamed up with some brilliant partners to ensure that there’s something for everyone - but you’ll have to become a TH+ member to see what goodies are on offer!

5. Online cooking classes

It’s no good having a nutritionist if none of us know how to put her advice into practice! We’re running online cooking classes to help TH+ members develop easy, healthy and cheap meals. Grab a glass of wine and get your pots ready - let’s cook!

6. Online fitness classes

Forget having to schlep to the gym - we’re going to get you fit from the comfort of your own front room! Regardless of experience or ability, our online fitness classes are designed to get you moving with the help of a qualified expert. We’ll be running classes for general fitness, specific conditions and chair-based movement.

7. Product review panel

If you’re already on a review panel, you’ll know just how fantastic they are. You get to have access to some of the best health products months before the general public and completely free! From now on, however, only TH+ members will be eligible to take part unless you’re currently sitting on an active panel. Get ready to enjoy premium products first!

8. Friday coffee mornings

Our TH+ community is going to be the most connected, interactive yet. We’re running exclusive Zoom-based coffee mornings on the first Friday of every month, during which you can meet other members, chat about health concerns and receive advice from a healthcare professional in real time. Make sure you’ve got your cup of coffee at the ready!

9. Weekly recipes

We’ll be releasing weekly recipes that you can either bookmark or print off to keep in a folder. With a new dish to try out every week, you won’t get bored of healthy eating!

10. talkhealth articles

Our articles are rigorously researched, written and edited by news and healthcare professionals. Our ever-growing library consists of interviews, positive news roundups, features and event write-ups. From now on, you’ll have to be a TH+ member to read them.

11. TH+ nutrition forum

What, when and how we eat is so important to our overall well-being, which is why we’ve set up the TH+ nutrition forum. This is where you can chat with other members about food, share your nutritional experiences and receive advice from others.

12. Exclusive giveaways

We love a giveaway at talkhealth, but TH+ members will have access to exclusive treats and discounts. Who doesn’t love a little extra TLC?