Shannon Dowler MD

Family Physician and STD Clinician

View Shannon's TH+ Expert webinar "Never too late: your guide to safer Sex after 60"

Shannon Dowler, MD is a Family Physician and STD Clinician, with over 20 years of experience. Her career has involved clinical leadership caring for underserved populations as well as state and national health policy change. An experienced educator and engaging speaker to both lay and professional audiences on sexual health, Dr. Dowler brings humor and rhyme to make even the most historically uncomfortable conversations feel safe! After her music video "STDs Never Get Old" (Safe Sex Baby) achieved viral and international acclaim, her first book on the same topic of achieving healthy sexuality with aging Never Too Late: Your Guide to Safer Sex After Sixty  debuted on Valentine's Day of this year. Having watched the steady march of older and older patients into her STD clinic, Dr. Dowler saw a need to offer the first ever "Sex Education" curriculum for adults, blending story telling, science and rhyme! 

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