talkhealth meets... Dr Sarah Myhill 

We all know that chronic conditions are best managed when we approach things holistically. Whether it's diet, excercise, or getting enough sleep – we must think of everything when it comes to staying on top of our symptoms for better health.

Dr Sarah Myhill, an expert in this area, told us all about this in her recent Expert Interview where she uncovered the power of a keto-genic diet for those living with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). 

Here, she answers our questions...

You have a background in General Practice, how did you come to specialise in ME/CFS? 

During the 1980s TATT (tired all the time) was one of the most common symtoms I was seeing whilst in General Practice. But, there was little on offer in terms of treatment so I specialised in the area to support as many people as possible.  

When you were working in General Practice, did you often find the ME/CFS were misunderstood? Why do you think this is? 

If there is not a simple drug solution to a problem then the patient often gets blamed. 

You highlight diet and lifestyle as a key route to better management. Why are these factors so important?

Fatigue is a symptom of poor energy delivery – diet is quiet literally a human's the fuel in the tank………and it does so much more!

Do you think ME/CFS has negative connotations/perceptions? Why? 

Doctors do not understand the underlying mechanisms. They diagnose “somatisation” – meaning they attribute the symptoms to psychological causes. It often thought that the patient is weak willed, idle or both. This is not the case. 

We saw a huge shift in the way people view the condition post-Covid - what and why do you think this happened? 

Due to Long-Covid and other post-viral consequences, suddenly everyone knew someone with fatigue. Soon they realised that these were real people with real pathology.

What are your top three tips for someone living with CFS/ME? 

1. Must make sure you pace activity so as not to function outside their energy envelope.

2. Eat a paleo-ketogenic diet - this will help you obtain energy from fats. 

3. Be disciplined about sleep.

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